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It is with regret that we  have now withdrawn from the NHS diabetic screening programme,  as due to the current COVID 19 situation we are concentrating on maximising safety and  distancing measures by giving our patients more time ans space with extended examinations. Now we are offering a Private Diabetic Assessments as a part of our extended examinations utilising our cutting edge eye scanning technology.

The NHS retinal screening photographs are just surface photographs of the central 30° of the retina. We are able to use much more sophisticated equipment to look at the back of the eye in much more detail than the basic retinal photograph. These additional tests, OCT and Optomap, offer 3 dimensional views and 180° views respectively and are not to be confused with the retinal photography.


Our experienced optometrists, who  have extra qualifications in Diabetic retinal disease, will thoroughly check the scans and send a report to your GP with the results. 

We still recommend that you attend your NHS diabetic eye screening when invited to do so.

The Private Diabetic Assessments are included in our Eyecare Plans.


Click here to learn more about our Eyecare Plans.

Diabetic Eye Screening Assessment
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