Anterior Eye Clinic

What Does the Assessment Involve?

A specialised clinic where the front of the eye (anterior) is closely examined – the lids, lashes, cornea and conjunctiva are scrutinised and assessed using video – microscopic technology.

Who can it Help?

This clinic is designed for those who complain of:

Excess Watering of the Eyes Redness
Burning Sensation Swelling
Grittiness Crusty Lids
Discomfort Light Sensitivity

What is the Treatment?

Following the assessment, an individual treatment plan using specialised products will be advised and explained.

What does it Cost?

The initial appointment and assessment £45.00
For our Eyeplan Members £39.50

A follow up appointment to monitor improvement
a few weeks later £25.00
For Eyeplan Members £20.00

How Do I Book?

Please contact the reception staff at Taylor Biddle in Compton on 01902 750325.

Customer Testimonial

"At my annual eye check at Taylor Biddle, on June 11th this year, the optician was concerned about the dryness of my eyes and the problems this was causing with my wearing contact lenses. She suggested that I make an appointment at the firm’s ‘Anterior Eye Clinic’, which I did.

I attended the clinic on June 30th. I completed a self-assessment questionnaire regarding my symptoms before a thorough examination by the optometrist Rosie Birhah. She described and explained the condition of my eyes and suggested a course of treatment to improve them, to which I agreed.

I was then taken through the treatment regime and shown how to apply the various items. I then made a follow up appointment.

Of course, I started the treatments immediately and was delighted to wake the next morning without what had been a constant grittiness and discomfort in both eyes.

At the follow up appointment on July 17th I was able to report a significant overall improvement, an assessment confirmed by Mrs Birhah.

I then followed a modified regime of reduced treatment frequency and attended another review on December 4th which showed a further improvement.

Mrs. Bihar and the Hygienist who showed me how to administer the treatments were a pleasure to have dealings with and I am delighted with the results so far."

    – Ms. J.P

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