Visual Stress Programme

Our VISUAL STRESS treatment is offered as a monitored course of eye care. There is no ‘cure’ for Visual Stress and once the first pair of glasses has been prescribed the clinical investigation and support must be continued.

The initial prescription may need to be adjusted frequently as the eyes develop and adjust. Often prism is required to enable the eyes to work together correctly but may be removed later when reading improves. It is essential that this is monitored regularly by the qualified Visual Stress Optometrist.

The Visual Stress Treatment Programme is a minimum term of 18 months and visits to see the opticians are required every 3 months or as indicated by the optometrist.

Initial Visual Stress Schoolvision Assessment


(Includes follow up assessment after 3 weeks, when if improvement has been achieved then enrolment on the scheme is implemented).

If treatment not indicated during first assessment the charge will be


Treatment is successful on approximately 80% of patients

Visual Stress Programme £13.00

(Minimum of 18 months)

per month by Direct Debit

· Further checks every 3 months or as indicated
· Full Eye Examination every 6 months, includes NHS test if applicable, Clinical Eye Tracker analysis, Colorimetry as required
· Reduced cost of lenses, frames and specialised tints


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