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Our eye examination, involves a thorough investigation of not only your vision, but also the co-ordination and ocular health of your eyes. We welcome any questions during the process and will fully explain any findings to you.

We offer both private and NHS eye tests for the whole family.

Why not upgrade to our extended Eye examination to benefit from our state-of-the-art equipment?


For most patients, we recommend upgrading your test to our extended eye examination, for which there is an additional fee.

The fee reflects the high quality of our resources, the extensive cutting edge OCT & Optomap technology used by our optometrists as well ass the extra time required for the comprehensive procedures involved.

We are committed to the NHS, however the scope of the NHS test does not automatically include these further investigations, it only provides for a basic eye test.


Consequently we do advise patients to agree to extend the scope of the NHS Sight Test to the higher standards provided by our extended eye examination.


"I had my first appointment at Taylor Biddle today and it was, by far , the best eye test I have had. All the staff were both professional and friendly and put me at ease on my first visit. As well as a regular eye test I had scans of my eyes done which reassured me that all was ok."

- E. Somauroo -

02/2022 via Google

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