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  • How Does Visual Stress Affect Children?

    Kids are back at school, and after such a long break it may take them a while to get back into the swing of things. Not all problems are just down to a preference for video games or YouTube over schoolwork, though! Visual stress is something that affects at least 20% of the UK and can make learning and studying harder for children. A visual stress test and, if necessary, treatment such as visual stress glasses, could help your child to reach their full academic potential and make school life much easier in general. What Is Visual Stress? Visual stress, also known as Meares-Irlen Syndrome, is sometimes linked with dyslexia, but it is a condition in its own right and often affects children who are not dyslexic. It causes visual discomfort when trying to read and can put children off reading and impact their learning. There are a number of signs of visual stress, including: headaches and eye strain after reading for a short time text appearing to move on the page needing to use a finger to follow a line of text becoming distracted by patterns when reading fidgeting, squinting and a reluctance to read. If your child displays any of these symptoms, it is worth booking them in for a visual stress test. Treatment for Visual Stress The first step is to carry out a full eye exam to rule out any other potential problems, like vision correction. Next, we use a series of tests including a colorimetry assessment – you can find out more about what is included in the full assessment here. Research has shown that colour can be used to alleviate symptoms of visual stress, so the colorimetry, performed using an advanced piece of equipment called the intuitive colorimeter is used to identify which precise tint, out of thousands of combinations, is most effective in helping children to read with more ease. Once this has been identified, we can look at the best form of treatment. Coloured overlays can be used when reading from a page, but many students find specialised visual stress glasses which have tinted lenses are most helpful at school, as they can then read the board more easily too. We can even offer tinted contact lenses, if preferred. This isn’t an overnight cure, but rather a management method for visual stress, which is why more than one visit is needed to see our optometrist so they can continue to assess and monitor your child’s progress and improvement in reading. We encourage parents to enrol their children onto our Visual Stress Treatment Programme, as their appointments will then be covered at a set monthly fee. Children who have been diagnosed with visual stress and have gone through our programme have been able to enjoy increased self-confidence and fluency when reading, as well as reduced or eliminated headaches, allowing them to develop at the same rate as their school peers. Book an Assessment If you think your child could benefit from tinted glasses for visual stress or you’d like to find out more, contact us to discuss your child’s symptoms and book an assessment today.

  • World Diabetes Day – The Importance of Maintaining Good Eye Health

    We’re proud to be supporting World Diabetes Day on the 14th November, which is held to highlight diabetes symptoms, improve awareness of the treatments and resources available and raise vital funds to further research and tackle this disease. Diabetes comes in two forms, type 1 and type 2. The former is managed by insulin injections and the latter typically controlled by diet and exercise, but the impact of this disease on eye health is similar regardless of which type the patient has. With around 6% of the population, or 4 million individuals, affected by diabetes, ensuring that you have regular eye exams and monitoring is essential to avoid complications with eyesight further down the line. With diabetic related eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy on the rise, early diagnosis is crucial for vision management and to reduce the chance of any sight loss. Here at Taylor Biddle Opticians, we use the latest, cutting-edge technology to detect a number of key eye conditions during a routine eye exam. By using our non-invasive 3D OCT scan or our Optomap retinal imaging to carry out a detailed examination of the back of your eyes, we can detect any early signs or significant changes a lot sooner than traditional methods, meaning we can act faster with any diagnosis and treatment that may be required. We also provide in-depth private diabetic screenings, which are included as part of our cost-effective monthly payment plans, starting from as little as £6.50 per month and allowing you to access technology not typically available with NHS funded eye exams. Covering all of your professional charges, with additional plans (Taylor Biddle Eye Plan) even giving you a 25% discount on all eyewear, these are designed to give you complete peace of mind as well as the best possible care. To find out more about our diabetic screening service, learn about the diabetic retinopathy stages or book your next eye exam, contact the team today.

  • How can contact lenses for children help to preserve their vision?

    Short-sightedness, otherwise known as myopia, in children has doubled in the last 50 years and this number is only set to increase in the future. The worse the short-sightedness, the greater the lifetime risk of developing several sight-threatening eye conditions, including glaucoma and retinal detachment. So, if you have been told that your child is shortsighted, it’s understandable that you may be worried about how severe it could potentially become. Thankfully, you can do more than correct their vision with glasses or contacts now – you can actually slow the progression of their myopia! How? There are 2 options: EyeDream Ortho K lenses or MiSight contact lenses, both of which are available at Taylor Biddle Opticians in Wolverhampton and are suitable for children aged 8 upwards. Here’s how each work: MiSight® MiSight® 1 Day soft contact lenses are worn during the day. They will correct your child’s vision in the same way as glasses do, but also signal to the eye to stop growing longer — as elongation of the eye is what results in myopia. You may be concerned about how your child will cope with wearing them but in our experience, we find children quickly adapt to wearing them as they are easy to use and provide a high level of comfort. EyeDream Ortho K As with MiSight® contacts, Ortho K contacts also provide vision correction, but these are rigid lenses which are worn overnight while your child sleeps. They imperceptibly flatten the surface of the cornea, which is what results in crystal clear vision the very next morning. Your child can then go about their day seeing clearly without wearing contacts or glasses. In addition to providing vision correction, these lenses have also been shown to slow down the progression of myopia in children. They are safe to use, as they are only worn in the home at night, under parental supervision and are arguably as comfortable as wearing normal soft contact lenses. Learn more about contacts and your child’s vision These revolutionary contact lenses for children offer more than vision correction – they ensure that your child’s eye health and vision is being protected as much as possible by reducing the risks associated with advanced myopia. EyeDream and MiSight® contact lenses offer the ideal solution. To find out if your child could benefit from either EyeDream or MiSigh®t lenses, we need to start by doing an NHS comprehensive examination, so we can determine their latest prescription and check their eye health. Simply book an appointment for your child this half-term at our Compton or Wombourne opticians in Wolverhampton, and our experienced optometrists will also be happy to answer all of your questions about myopia control.

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  • Eyewear Styling & Fitting At Taylor Biddle Opticians

    EYEWEAR STYLING & FITTING Your eyewear should be an extension of your personal style, not just something necessary in order to see clearly! ​ You deserve to look great in your frames and sunglasses and we are here to ensure that. The ultimate goal of our dispensing team is to make sure that you leave with eyewear that fits and flatters your face perfectly. ​ With so many frames and sunglasses out there, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you and what styles you should look for. At Taylor Biddle, we offer dedicated styling sessions where our specially trained stylists can consider everything from your personal style to your face shape and complexion to find a perfect match that will suit YOU. Out of gallery OUR STYLING CONSULTATIONS Our expert dispensing team have undertaken additional training and certification in order to provide the best possible styling advice so you can look and feel your best. ​ The consultation takes approximately 1 hour to ensure you have all the time you need to pick out the perfect pair. In that time, we will asses your individual facial features, hair and eye colour, personal style, prescription, work and lifestyle to determine the type of eyewear that will reflect you and meet your needs. ​ We have a great variety of different styles, shapes and colours to choose from so you can be sure that there's something for you. During our consultation, we'll put together a selection of frames and/or sunglasses for you to try on and we will work together to find which are the best for you. Out of gallery THE PERFECT FIT When you have chosen your perfect frames, we will take extra care to ensure the best possible fit for optimal comfort and clear vision. We use state-of-the-art intuitive technology to ensure we can take precise measurements. ​ Following the arrival of your eyewear, we will invite you to have them properly fitted and adjusted to maximise on comfort and leave you feeling as good as you look! We can even discuss how best to care for your glasses or sunglasses to make sure you get the most out of them. Quick links: EYEWEAR BRANDS EYE EXAMINATIONS WHAT OUR PATIENTS SAY.. "We would like to say a massive thank you to EVERYONE at Taylor Biddle. They make your experience of getting an eye test and then choosing new specs such fun. They know all their customers personally and this helps them to find the correct style of glasses to suit you. They will spend time with you talking through different points of which style suit you best. James had already pre chosen 4 pairs of specs for my husband prior to his test and he knows him so well, that the first pair he tried on were the ones he went away with!! We wouldn't go anywhere else." - D. Taylor - 08/2021 via Google

  • Contact Lenses - Rediscover Your Vision With Taylor Biddle Opticians

    CONTACT LENSES At Taylor Biddle Opticians we consider contact lens aftercare to be of the utmost importance. Not only is the health of the anterior eye checked regularly, but the suitability of the contact lenses are assessed, both with regard to the type of lens and also to any subtle prescription changes. ​ Contact lens technology is advancing rapidly and new contact lenses are becoming available offering superior oxygen transmission, hence improving eye health and comfort. ​ The opportunity to discuss and trial these lenses is an important aspect of continuing contact lens aftercare. PRICE PROMISE We frequently review our prices in an effort to make sure you're always getting great value for your money. As we consider contact lens aftercare to be essential, we are happy to price match our contact lenses for those who pay for their aftercare on our direct debit scheme. ​ If cheaper prices for same lenses are available elsewhere please let us know and we will match them! Other advantages of Taylor Biddle supplying your lenses: We guarantee the lenses We provide replacements for any ripped or damaged We will exchange unopened boxes if prescriptions changed We provide emergency lenses For those who have lenses and fee on a Direct Debit each month, there is a further 50p discount. Out of gallery CARING FOR YOUR CONTACT LENSES WE ARE PROUD TO OFFER EXCEPTIONAL CARE "Fantastic service as always from Taras, James, Sophie & Cheryl. Had my eye test and then discussed contact lenses to replace my reading glasses. Can’t recommend the Wombourne branch highly enough! Thanks everyone" - J. Beeston-May - 11/2021 via Google

  • Olha Lac

    < Back Olha Lac BSc (Hons) Dip ScV M.ASvP Olha graduated from Aston University in 2004 with a First Class Honours Degree in Optometry and over the next 10 years worked for Taylor Biddle before joining Tracey as a Director in 2014. Her vision for the business is firmly focused on embracing the latest cutting edge technology and providing the very best quality of eyecare and eyewear to the local community. Olha’s youngest son has learning difficulties so since qualifying her specialist interest is in binocular vision anomalies, Visual Stress and the way it can affect visual processing whilst reading. Over the past 10 years she has developed a combined method of using a battery of Schoolvision tests, Colorimetry and more traditional methods to detect and treat deficiencies that affect visual processing and improve reading and learning for schoolchildren and adults. An Award winning practitioner, she has helped hundreds of children and adults to find solution to their problems and finds it immensely rewarding to see the amazing difference the treatment can make on children’s education and especially their confidence. In her free time Olha loves cooking, yoga and beach holidays. Optometrist Director

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